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Psychological therapy and raising recovery awareness in schools

This is Mode Rehabilitation`s newest project and aims to help young people manage their psychological difficulties and changes they are experiencing, such as sexual identity, internet pressures, and pornography.

We will be conducting presentations in schools in areas such as Taking Control, Relationships & Sex, and Self Esteem. Through our presentations and discussions with the pupils we are going to offer a single access point that statutory services are not currently providing in terms of therapy.


We learned from a pilot in Glossop Dale School from January to June 2014 aimed at 12 – 15/16 year olds, that the need to make therapy more accessible is evident. Through our presentations we will help young people develop skills that will enable them to manage their own lives, by delivering a series of sessions once a week over 12 months, using the latest Method of Levels therapy, a flexible person centred approach.

These sessions will help the young people express themselves, understand psychological distress and mental health experiences, and also some of the pressures which they are faced with.

In general practice clinicians will inform patients they have a specific ‘disorder’ or chemical imbalance, we believe that this will not benefit the patients in the long run. Whatever their rationale might be, our sessions seek to challenge.

In 2014 Nick Clegg called for “change” to the culture of secrecy and stigma surrounding mental health issues. It is imperative for young people, in our school based sessions, to begin to look again at the way we understand mental health.

We have also been looking at raising awareness and supporting people with conflicting goals at the University of Manchester under Doctor Warren Mansell. Our new schools project seeks to provide a holistic support service, helping young people to find purpose, hope and meaning in their lives and in the community.

We will help 300 young people on a pro bono basis in April 2015. The service will assist independence and self-reliance, we will support changed lives for those with mental health difficulties, but will also improve and change the way people think of mental health.

Below are some statements from children about what they have learned in the workshop's we delivered in school

  • “Mode has educated me on many important topics such as: drugs and alcohol abuse, emotions and how to deal with them and how to keep life healthy. As a result of this i can make an informed decision on how to tackle any problems which may come up in my life such as debt, addiction and other dangers in the world.”
  • “The workshop taught me about how drug's can take over someone's life and how taking it once can lead to addiction. So it is not worth just trying it”
  • “The workshop taught me how easily falling into the cycle of drugs is and how dangerous it can be and how it ruins peoples lives. Also more about expressing mental health issues and that sorting out problems is important. I enjoyed learning about peoples lives and stories. Thank you for these workshops and helping us learn more about drugs and real life experience.”
  • “These workshops taught me how to deal with peer pressure from friends and groups that i am new to. Also how to make decissions that benefit me for the future and that don't effect my life in a bad waay. Also how to deal with family problems and helping me open up to friends about problems.”

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If you would like to find out more about our psychological therapies and services, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

You can contact us by email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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