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Method of Levels Therapy

peopleWe deliver accessible psychological therapy and services that enable all who access our services the opportunity, to increase their own awareness of the problem(s); subsequently enabling them to identify important areas to target with a clearer view on what can lead to change and ultimately, improvement.

The Method of Levels (MOL) is a cognitive technique based on PCT that specifically aims to direct a client’s attention to higher cognitive levels, enabling them to become more aware of the nature of their difficulties. From this point of view a problem solving perspective is pursued, largely through a meta cognitive process.

MOL is designed to be a universal therapy, flexibly adapted to the individuals concerns.  Therapy can be used to enhance the effectiveness of treatments for specific problems and disorders, when working with issues around addiction, depression, anxiety, or stress,

Psychological Therapy
Psychological Therapy

We specialise in highly complex catastrophic injury cases and can help no matter how small the problem may seem, enhancing lives, building futures.

Method of Levels therapy is based on active listening and questioning and during the session.  Clients are assisted to generate solutions and gain control over their distress, emphasising focus on processes rather than content. MOL can work for anyone who wants to increase their self-awareness and control over their lives, allowing time and space to explore, confront and resolve fears, issues or problems. Clients are able to choose how many sessions they attend and whether they attend sessions on consecutive weeks.


If you would like to find out more about our psychological therapies and services, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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