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Mode Brain Injury Case Managers

Mode Rehabilitation offer Case management support.   We have successfully supported clients in cases of severe injury, such as brain injuries, after road traffic accidents and after Military armed conflict.  We have recently supported clients who have experienced loss of limbs, and worked with Veterans with amputees in obtaining the right support, and advice with day-to-day living needs, including recreation and vocational pursuits.

brain injury

What is a Case manager?

Case managers are professionals who are (privately) appointed to co-ordinate care, rehabilitation and other support for clients with personal injury including brain injury. Case managers come from many different backgrounds including psychologist, social care, occupational therapy, and nursing.  A Case manager must have the right skills to suit the needs of the person that they are working for.

Case Management Support

We at Mode Rehabilitation provide the highest standard of Case management support. Our Brain injury Case manager practices independently and is not part of the NHS health or social care service, has a wealth of experience, and excellent skills in rehabilitation and case management. Our Case managers has extensive knowledge in working with personal injury and while advocating for the clients through the complexity of support that is vital to help secure the best outcome for the client.

Do I need a case manager?

That entirely depends upon your situation, and the role that a case manager might have in helping you, whether that would be arranging for care, applying for disability benefits, accessing rehabilitation facilities or managing a return to work or study.

What about other sources of help?

We recognises that support is often very expensive and it is therefore paramount  to establish the right care package at an early stage if the cost is going to be included within any claim you may have. We will look at the available options and advise upon the best way forward.

The funding of our service can be sourced from many routes.
Please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail on 0161 494 1515 or 07786196734.


If you would like to find out more about our psychological therapies and services, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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