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We Need Your Involvement

We need young people from the Stockport area!

Mode has been recruiting young people as part of our initiative to help us make decisions about the support we can offer young people.  Young people have been involved in making decisions around what works best for adolescents and in developing projects to meet their goals and necessary support in maintaining them.  Our vibrant, fun and gifted young team are passionate about the wellbeing of their generation and future generations to follow. Our young mental health advocates understand the difficulties young people face, media, educational pressures, family disruption, and stigma surrounding mental health.  The young team are also aware that environmental factors beyond their control add to feelings of 'loss of control.'   Mode provides an opportunity for young people to have a voice, a platform to let the world know what they want to be heard and how to help them achieve their own goals.  We need to listen to our younger generation, they are our future!!  Thank you to all the young people at Mode who offer their support each week. With grateful thanks from all the Team!  We need you!!   We are recruiting more volunteers (and we pay too).

For more information about Mode visit our website http://www.moderehabilitation.com/

Call us at 07786196734 if interested!

Our Support

Here at Mode Rehabilitation, we have been fortunate enough to receive sponsorship from some very highly regarded companies. These companies aid Mode Rehabilitation in providing the best possible care for our clients, for which we are immensely grateful.



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