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Project T20

With our plot project T20 event over how did it go?

After months of hard work and preparation we can all gladly say Project T20 was an immense success, the reception from the young people was outstanding and the art produced is amazing. Over the course of four days the young people created various forms of expressionism such as painting, lyric writing and music producing. Creativity and expressionism was encouraged and quite clearly shown. Close bonds and friendships were also produced during the event and positive relationships were made. Individuality was shown and praised as each youth expressed themselves and showed that off in their art. We will be holding another T20 in October so we cant wait to see you guys there!

Our Support

Here at Mode Rehabilitation, we have been fortunate enough to receive sponsorship from some very highly regarded companies. These companies aid Mode Rehabilitation in providing the best possible care for our clients, for which we are immensely grateful.



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