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How important is Resilience?

We are all scared of failing, whether a challenge may seem too hard or you are scared about doing something in case of being embarrassed or we just lack the effort to persevere, its something we all face but what happens if we ignore these fears and act resiliently ? 

Resilience is like being a rubber ball , you can be hit against something but just bounce back , you can hit something else and once again bounce back. This "bouncing" shows the skill of returning from adversity unscathed and ready to go again. Nothing good comes to us straight away, anything good always requires resilience to get, whether its the dream job, the role in the school play or the speech at a wedding all these tasks need our dedication and effort or we wont achieve good results. We may mess up at first but the ability to continue and try again is what resilience is. Effort and practice is the key to success , everytime we fail is a wrong answer crossed off the list. Every loss can be a win in some way. As an example, the multi million copy selling artist Ed Sheeran was homeless for two and a half years, his resilience took him and his music from such a low to where he is now, this was'nt easy for him , however, he put all the resilience he could into getting out of where he was and has gone on to be on of the worlds most influential people in his industry, the resilience of trying again and again to get out him situation has clearly paid off. This was earnt through sheer resilience no matter what obstacles he faced. When we mess something up we need to remind ourselves that these failures help us get to our successes easier. No matter how tough a task is if we stay resilient we will overcome the obstacles. We will often find our resilience is rewarded and what we have been trying so hard to get comes to us and in the end the effort and determination all pays off. I know in exams i often lack motivation, i never really have the determination to try my hardest but recently i showed resilience in my graphics work for GCSE , i failed several times and wanted to quit on just as many occasions but that sense of resilience lead me to persevere and ended up getting me really go results. I would never have expected to gain these results but my resilience paid off and i can say it was 100% worth the effort.

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