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Mental health in entertainment.

The entertainment media is gigantic, with brands, music and movies sometimes defining a persons life style, moral choices and personality but with such an immense influence on the general public how does the entertainment media use its influence? Is it one that is positive or negative?

So you see a movie trailer showing someones inner troubles with depression which induces the feeling of sympathy on you as you feel bad for this character and the hardships they are dealing with, the way this person is portrayed influences you to feel sorry for them and if examples like these are used often your general view of depression would become one of it being a real problem. You are therefore being influenced by the media into feeling what they want you to feel. You see another movie trailer, this one is a comedy movie about a girl with a mental issue you may laugh and be satisfied by the movie. Once again you have been influenced into feeling a certain way by the media. With this power of influence the media has over such a delicate matter such as mental health they have a large responsibility in how they deal with this issue. The way that mental illnesses are portrayed in different forms of entertainment can contribute to public stigma but it can also reduce this stigma. Movies like halloween as an example show the lead antagonist to be a serial killer who busts out of a mental institute to go on a rampage. These movies may be portraying mental illness as something to be afraid of therefore contributing to the stigma. However if mental health is shown correctly in the world of entertainment it can raise awareness for such a real issue and help us beat the stigma.

As ive talked about in a previous blog music is massive in the media, and such a massive form of art can completely change the viewpoint on a subject. There are hundreds of albums raising awareness for mental health issues that have a huge impact on real peoples lives and sometimes even saving them. If more and more public figures bring these issues to light I believe we can eliminate the stigma behind mental health.

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