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Staying safe

Im sure there have been times where you have been out with a few friends and done stupid things u later regret, we have all been there. Whether they are serious or not sometimes these stupid actions or lack of thought can put our health at risk so today im going to talk about how to make sure you are safe as possible without ruining your fun.

First off, if its gone dark or your in an isolated place make sure your in company. If something goes wrong like you hurt yourself badly as you fall off your bike doing that dirt ramp and get knocked out you are much more safe, your friend can get help and make sure the situation gets no worse. A friend also helps reduce the risk of predators or people of that sort, a group of teens are much more likely to be able to defend themselves than being on your own and much less defended. When alone try and stay in a public place so if an accident does occur your not alone.

Secondly alcohol and drugs are not the only way to "loosen up and chill out" and if they are you have a problem. As blunt as it is, if you depend on illegal substances to be happy then how can you really be that happy? There is a reason why alcohol is a depressant you know. Under the influence of exterior substances you cant think straight and often do things you wouldnt normally do, not only is this a risk to you but it also can danger your friends too. With alcohol, reaction time is drastically decreased therefore making any reaction to the dangerous activities you may be undergoing a lot slower. If your thirsty drink water or any other drinks that not only give you vital vitamins and minerals but also re-energises you for the rest of your day.

So yes be free and have a good time out in the World but just make sure you are always hydrated with the right things and be safe with the company of other people.


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