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  • Susan McCormack
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    Susan McCormack

    MA, BSc, C.I.D.E.S.C.O, ITEC

    Tel: 0161 494 1515

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Susan’s passion and enthusiasm has been born from her own personal challenges, the highs and lows of the rehabilitation process and the rewards of overcoming personal struggles. Susan went on to graduate at an International School in Physical Rehabilitation, and later developed her academic skills in Psychology and Counselling at the University of Manchester.  Susan is an Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist, MBACP and also a member of the BABCP, RCP UKPTS and BABICM. She has worked in NHS Primary Care Services and Secondary Care Services, where she has delivered Psychological therapies.Her experience in case management with trauma and catastrophic injury has supported her specialist training in Mental Health, which has been invaluable when supporting clients with complex trauma as a result of personal injury.  More recently Susan has used the skills and training to work in the criminal justice system including her work with capital prisoners. Susan is also passionate about her work with the army veterans coming through the Project RECCE program.

Susan has been actively involved in the community, working with vulnerable adults, including Military veterans, and supporting youth in a pastoral capacity in schools.  She facilitates regular ‘Recovery Group Meetings’ outside the clinic, ‘Overcomers’ self-help group, a forum where people can talk openly with others who have experienced similar difficulties and who understand the frustrations and fears such problems can bring. The support groups are able to provide clients with a safe environment where they can openly share any aspect of their difficulty.  These groups are readily available and provide invaluable support to clients if they want to take their recovery to the next level.  Individuals can be matched with a trained volunteer who has experienced similar difficulties on request.

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    Susan McCormack
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    Ana Churchman
    Jayne Rudd

  • Saddaf A Mukhtar
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    Saddaf A Mukhtar

    Saddaf is a qualified Cognitive behavioural Psychotherapist who is working towards accreditation. She has a wide therapeutic experience working with young people and adults, where she has worked with both individual therapy session and group therapy. Through this work she has experience with diverse psychological issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, sleep, trauma, low self-esteem, panic disorder, social phobias, crises, grief etc

    Saddaf has a diverse ethnic background; she was born in Pakistan, grew up in Denmark and has been living in England for the last 8 years. Her background gives her a much needed wide perspective and deep understanding of multicultural issues.

MOL Therapy

The focus of MOL therapy is for the therapist to let go of their own attempts to control the ‘individuals’ experiences, and this occurs best by creating conditions for the client to sustain their awareness on their higher level goals long enough for them to start to experiment with changing them or considering them differently. Mode Rehabilitation offers MOL therapy as is most effective, when working in individual therapy. Control is an experience held in common by every human being.